Elementary Education



Elementary school develops the necessary learning habits essential for achievement in the succeeding years of education. Between K5 and fifth grades, a student will experience significant growth emotionally, physically and intellectually. At Episcopal Day School, we believe that a strong foundation in the basic academic areas coupled with the creativity of the fine arts will equip our students with the necessary tools for learning.




  • To direct the successful transition from learning on the concrete level to the development of abstract thinking capabilities throughout the course of the elementary phase of their education

  • To challenge each student in his/her learning to master the academic disciplines and progress at a level consistent with their development stage and individual ability

  • To offer enrichment programs which stress an appreciation of the unique and varied characteristics of different cultures

  • To promote the development of character, integrity, and responsibility as the traits essential for good citizenship

  • To provide opportunities for the physical development of each child as a necessary element in learning and growing

  • To foster a productive working relationship between faculty, parents, and students

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